Application Control – Prevent Ransomware

Begin protecting your computer today by using advanced application control. Given the volume of unknown malware, new variants, zero-day exploits, and hackers that are stealing and/or posting your data online, what good is any software that cannot stop the hack?  The second your data is stolen, you’re done!  There is no remediation.  Except to pay fines and eat the losses that may impact your business.

Application control, ransomware, computer securityEven if you can do an ultra clean wipe and reload with a previous image, what good is that? If you can’t stop ex-filtration of data based on known malware/behavior, how does that provide real protection against new malware?

Why wait to be hit with ransomware before getting actual prevention. The best possible prevention of malware can only be obtained with true application control. Allowing only your trusted applications to run, and stopping the unknown and untrusted items.

Cybersecurity professionals already know that application whitelisting is the number one strategy to stop malware, period.  No hunting, investigating, or tracking.  Just your applications running, and stopping unknown items including future variants of ransomware, which are constantly being created.

This is why there is such a big shift in malware protection technology toward application control, like our Trust Lockdown app. You would think it common knowledge that application control is the #1 mitigation strategy to prevent a breach given the recommendations of the US-CERT, ICS-CERT, Australian and Canadian Governments. However, there is still a lot of talk about how to optimize technology that is only partially effective. Start incorporating prevention technology that focuses on the applications you want, and blocks everything you don’t want.

  • Block both known AND UNKNOWN malware
  • Manage all endpoints from a single dashboard
  • Separate common endpoints into subgroups
  • Trust applications one time across a network
  • Receive real time notification of attempted breaches and blocked malware
  • Fast and simple deployment of protection

Change your cybersecurity strategy, and include White Cloud Security for preventive protection.

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