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Release Notes: Version 1.4.1 (2019-02-07)

Go to the Start Menu > All Programs > White Cloud Security > Update White Cloud Security


Right click the Tray App, then select Check for Updates


  • [#650] handle the __PSScriptPolicyTest PowerShell files on Windows 10 systems
  • [#649] support for allowing the remote dashboard to control new settings options
  • [#645] update settings dialog to support Splunk logging option
  • [#643] option to write Unknown and Trusted information to CSV format for Splunk ingestion
  • [#648] added Harvester option to write data as CSV format for Splunk ingestion
  • [#651] update settings dialog to support PowerShell Admin Mode option
  • [#392] enable SystemModeImage option to check system driver files


  • [#652] Windows Application logs now include the code signing cert SHA1 hash
  • [#644] expanded the size of the settings dialog to support more options
  • [#654] include Windows version information in account info query

Bug Fixes:

  • [#633] resolved issue where installer was creating URLs as ALL CAPS

Known Issues:

  • [#196] uninstall does not register with server for systems running Windows XP, Windows 2000, Server 2003
  • [#272] standalone MSI installer package right-click "Repair" may fail and rollback
  • [#388] clicking cancel during the install may result in indeterminate state