July 28, 2016

White Cloud Security


Why Choose White Cloud Security

Scalable, cost effective, and simple to use. White Cloud Security delivers the #1 mitigation technology that stops malware.  We stop the malware getting past antivirus, behavior analysis, heuristics, and sandboxing. Stop more malware and spend less time and money than what you’re doing today.

White Cloud Security logoHow We Do It

Our Trust Lockdown product is NOT antivirus, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. It is a scalable application control software, whereby our kernel driver intercepts the loading of all executable components and scripts, and identifies them by multiple cybermetric fingerprints and/or code-signing certificates. If the scripts or executables have been trusted, they run. If not trusted, they are blocked. A ‘default deny’ strategy. Thus, we effectively implement the #1 prevention solution recommended by NCCIC, Homeland Security, FBI, NSA, ICS-CERT, US-CERT, Australia, Canada, AIG, SANS, ISA, and NACD. White Cloud Security’s technology introduces a novel approach to cybersecurity called “Trusted Apps,” offering a simple, quick, and efficient means of trusting apps you want to run while denying execution of apps and scripts you do not want, or intend to run. The end result is effective inoculation against Ransomware/Cryptolocker attacks, and a paradigm-shift away from antivirus blacklisting and traditional whitelisting.

Trust Lockdown™ Features:

  • #1 Mitigation Strategy endorsed by the United States, Canadian and Australian Governments as more crucial than OS patching and application patching.
  • Default Deny nature of technology stops all future variants of malware and Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Stop Zero-Day Viruses before they’ve been identified as bad.
  • Prevent hackers from launching undetectable malware through new security holes or different attack vectors.
  • Stop items regardless of user privileges.
  • Trusted Scripts technology blocks script-based malware like currently popular ransomware.
  • Robust Multi-Factor identification technology ensures solid validation of your trusted apps.
  • Immediate protection upon installation, including malware already present on your host.
  • We run alongside other security products as part of your defense in depth strategy.