July 28, 2016

Trust Lockdown™ – Stop Threats FIRST!

Prevention Beats Remediation Every Time

Trust Lockdown Stop Sign

Because we focus on what you trust and want to run on your endpoints, we stop all unknowns by default. So unknown items such as new ransomware variants, advanced attacks, and zero-day exploits are stopped first by Trust Lockdown. Get out of the ‘Break-Fix’ cycle that is eating your time and budget.

Endpoint Protection with Trusted App Technology

Trust Lockdown Private Party

Trust Lockdown is a malware PREVENTION product at the endpoint layer of your Defense In-Depth Security Strategy. We allow only your Trusted Apps to run.  Untrusted apps and scripts are ALWAYS blocked. It doesn’t matter if it has a new or unknown signature, what behavior it has, what the user privileges are, or if the item tries to download from a webpage or local drive. Unknown items are blocked, and your trusted items are able to run.

Back To Planned Work

Trust Lockdown Clock

We also eliminate the need to be patching your apps every day. With Trust Lockdown, you can do your application patches on a regular planned basis instead of urgent need basis, again giving you back your time and budget to be more productive.


Protect Offline DevicesTrust Lockdown Mobile Devices

Our protection also works when your device is offline! Whether you choose our cloud or appliance based service, our endpoint protection delivers the same protection when offline or disconnected from the network. An essential feature in today’s on-the-go environment and use of portable devices.