August 16, 2016



anti-virus-lockAntivirus and other blacklist technologies are all built upon the same premise: That everything coming into your computer from the Internet, network, or local drives, is assumed to be safe unless it appears on a list of bad stuff. Hence, blacklist. Today, everyone knows that statement is completely false. Anything and everything coming into your computer today is assumed bad, and likely malicious! So don’t use a ‘default allow’ technology is this day and age as your primary defense.

Instead, start with ‘default deny’ technology that is built upon a whitelist, or as we prefer to say, your Trust List.  This is your list of known good apps that you want to run. Which is certainly a much smaller task than tracking millions of new malware on a constant basis. Allow only your trusted apps and scripts to run, and block everything else.

This technology is so effective, it is recognized by multiple governments, U.S. agencies and industry organizations as the #1 mitigation strategy to STOP malware, above all other prevention strategies on the market today.

And wouldn’t it be great to have this technology at a cost equal to, or lower than, antivirus suites? To be able to deploy it using your current IT tools? To setup and maintain with your own IT staff through a simple to use dashboard? Your wish is here now!

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