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Dashboard Overview

Purpose and Use

The White Cloud Security Dashboard provides a centralized interface for administrators to manage and enforce Zero-Trust App Security policies, monitor system statuses, and review access logs. It ensures comprehensive oversight and streamlined control of organizational security measures, including granular admin access management and robust folder protection.

Dashboard Sections

The WCS Dashboard has six functional sections.

The Main Menu provides the following options, which vary based on the account owner's privilege level:

  • Add an Org (Account Agent+)
  • Show "Groups I Manage"
  • Show "Groups with Alerts"
  • Graph View of my Org
  • Graph View with my Clients' Orgs
  • Show Groups by Notification Email Address
  • Show Known CERT List
  • Show Known CERT Issuers List
  • Show System Logs (System Admin+)
  • Show Most Recently Created Accounts (Account Agents+)
  • Show Account Managers (Sales Admins+)
  • Open Admin Pages (Dashboard Extensions)
  • Admin Submenu:
    • Manage DCA Options (System Admin+)
    • Manage Malware Advisors (applies the selected Advisors' Malware Policies Globally)
    • Show Public Profiles
    • Show Enterprise Profiles
    • Show All Hosts in Blocking Mode
    • Show All Unprotected Hosts
    • Show All Disabled Hosts
    • Show All Hosts Needing Updates
    • Show All Uninstalled Hosts
    • Show All Unactivated Accounts
    • Show All Activated Accounts
    • Show Newest Paid Accounts
    • Create New Account
    • Resend Activation Email for New Accounts

Graph View

The Graph View shows a subgroup hierarchy for all the Organizations you are a member of. It displays Orgs, Member Accounts, and Security Groups in their inheritance trees, providing a quick understanding of how subgroups are related to each other and belong to the functional groups in the organization.

Context Window

The Context Window shows all the information related to one specific Security Group or one of its subgroups. This consists of four scrolling columns:

  • Subgroup Column
  • Profile Menu
  • App Trust-List Browser
  • Information Column

Subgroup Column

The Subgroup Column has a shortcut bar that provides a clickable icon for each of the following subgroup information panels:

  • Blocked Apps
  • Monitor Mode Exceptions
  • Trusted App Run History
  • Apps Trusted Directly in this Subgroup
  • Profiles Trusted Directly in this Subgroup
  • Hosts Assigned to this Subgroup
  • Subgroups Owned by this Subgroup
  • Show the Groups View for this Subgroup
  • Profile Settings for this Subgroup

Profile Menu Column

The Profile Menu Column provides eight submenu options that allow the admin to view and manage policy profiles related to the current subgroup. It also includes a host status submenu that provides a set of simple panel selections to view the status of all the hosts in this subgroup and its child subgroups.

App Trust-List Browser

The App Trust-List Browser provides a simple viewer to search for and view Apps added to this Subgroup.

Information Column

The Information Column provides an "Online Help" button to open the Support page and other buttons to see the most recently used subgroups, system logs (System Admins+), and the secure WCS Newsfeed.