Prevention Beats Remediation

$10 Million in Remediation and Counting!!

For those that have been following the Yahoo breaches, news reports today are stating the investigation and remediation costs are $10 million and STILL COUNTING! And that is NOT total losses. What will be the agreed upon value of Yahoo for the Verizon acquisition that is still pending? Hmmm.

The lesson here, is the same learned by countless organizations that have been breached.…invest more in PREVENTION strategies! There is no getting around the adage “An Prevention Over Remediationounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin.

And in the Cybersecurity industry there is no getting around the value and cost savings of PREVENTION compared to the mega losses of REMEDIATION.

No one wants to be the company that gets breached, or the person fired for it happening on ‘their watch’. And yet, too many businesses are slow in making the change in the mindset, culture, and ultimately their defense strategies, resulting in more breaches year over year.

Instead of asking the question ‘What should we have done differently?’ after the breach, make a commitment to start doing things differently now. If you have not improved your defense technologies in the last 5 years, you are clearly at risk. Learn what new technologies are capable of doing, and not doing. Are they just new versions of old tech? Or are they better approaches to a proper defense?

Looking at White Cloud Security as an example, this technology is a ‘default-deny’ prevention technology at the endpoint. Other prevention technologies like antivirus, sandboxing, and heuristics are still ‘default-allow’. Clearly, the most secure technology is a ‘default-deny’ solution because it stops all new threats, by default. The ‘default-allow’ technologies let complete unknowns get through because they are completely unknown, resulting in a breach.

So, take the time to understand the different technologies behind each piece of your defense, and put more emphasis on superior prevention.

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