Posture is everything, so why is it ignored?

Can we talk about posture for a moment?

I’m talking about cybersecurity posture. My bet is most people reading this are in a “default-allow” posture on their local PC at home and at work. 

What do I mean?

Your computer’s CPU allows everything to execute.  Unless the thing executing has been previously seen doing bad things, or the instruction set observed looks suspicious, meaning it looks like some bad behavior previously seen, ANY program designed for your computer will be executed if requested.  That request can come from you, the operating system or any program already running.  This is a “default-allow” posture.

Modern endpoint security products fail to change the basic posture of your computer’s execution policy. So called “next-generation” products continue to utilize the same tactics. These products assume through the use AI and machine learning they can adapt rapidly to stop the onslaught. Promoters of these tools ignore that we cannot predict human creativity.  They cannot stop all methods and threats because all cannot be known in advance. They will continue to fail against future threats.

This flawed security posture allowed the proliferation of almost all the horrid attacks we read about every day, and has since the inception of computing. 

Allow me to prove this to you. 

Share and follow this blog and the subsequent posts in this series.  I’ll write reviews of publicly released technical analyses of hacks, malware and  breaches to show how the described issue would have been rendered inert with proper cybersecurity posture.  You will see me explain how Execution Control would have neutered the efforts of the malicious without a giant team of security engineers. 

We can end this insanity.

Execution Control using White Cloud Security’s patented Trust Lockdown with unbreakable Cyber-Metric HandPrint identification is the solution.  We’ll update this series weekly to drive that truth home.

 Can’t wait? Visit White Cloud Security today to learn more now. We’re here and ready.

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