Computer Antivirus – Rave On or Lockdown

How awesome is computer technology today! You almost forget what life was like before computers, right? Everyone has joined the party. It has grown so far and so fast that we now have blended our personal lifestyle into our business environment, via the computer. While technology has certainly provided many benefits, we must now deal with some harsh realities such as: Hackers, malware, destructive breaches, and outdated technology like antivirus.

Gone are the days when everything coming into your computer was good, and a simple antivirus would catch the handful of baddies. Today, everything coming into your computer must be considered bad and malicious. So stop using a “default allow” technology like antivirus. Get a “default deny” technology” like Trust Lockdown. Antivirus is not sufficient enough to protect your computer network today.

Our business computers have valuable data and control most all industries. And now large groups of people want to steal your data and disrupt or sabotage operations. So we have a decision to make: To Rave On with antivirus products, or Lockdown your computer?

The Internet Rave, Antivirus, and your Business Computer:

  • Antivirus - Rave LockdownThe Internet is a Rave Party! It’s social. There’s millions gathering to sing, dance, party and share. It’s unscripted, with little rules and unlimited possibilities.
  • However, your Business Computer is a Private Party: Invitation only, with a defined and specific purpose. You want it organized and results oriented.

Your business computer needs to be protected by more than antivirus.  The question is: how do you keep your business computer from joining the Rave?  Answer: SHUT THE DOOR!  Stop all unknown and unwanted items, and allow only your trusted items to run. Do NOT depend on antivirus.

  • BE SELECTIVE: Define the purpose and applications needed for your business. Don’t download anything out of your parameters, set your standard in writing, and make sure your employees adhere to the list of safe downloads.
  • GRANT LIMITED ACCESS: This goes for vendors, 3rd parties and applications as well. There are no exceptions.
  • CONTROLLED REVISION STRATEGY: No automatic updates. Only allow revisions and updates that are validated, and on your schedule.
  • USE UP TO DATE TECHNOLOGY: Make sure your IT department understands that antivirus is dead, and to adopt a “default deny” product as the first line of defense against the Rave; NO ONE gets in without your approval FIRST!



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