Smart Business vs Great Sport

For all those that witnessed the Chicago Cubs victory over the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 World Series, I’m sure you agree it will be a VERY LONG TIME before we see another spectacular battle for a title. A series that ran through all 7 games complete with home-field upsets and more heart played by both teams than anyone could ever imagine. It came down to the seventh game, an extra inning and a 1-run lead. The final play started with a clean hit, a well fielded ball and solid throw to first to clench the title. And at that moment, there was both great joy, and equal sadness.

Sports are so enjoyable because of the unknowns and upsets, the possibility of failure, and of course bragging rights! But NOT something you want for your business!

In business, you need predictable success against the hackers! You need MORE than a home field advantage to win against hackers. You need to stack the deck!

Today you can gain the advantage over hackers with the #1 malware prevention strategy, and here’s how: Allow ONLY your trusted applications to run, and stop unknown and untrusted items BY DEFAULT. Use Trust Lockdown from White Cloud Security. A whitelisting ‘default deny’ technology where you choose what runs on your endpoints.

Other modified technologies will only get you so far, continuing to give hackers an edge. You need a whitelisting solution that is ‘default deny’ in nature.  Stop relying on antivirus, behavior based AV, and sandboxing, as your primary defense because all of these are ‘default allow’ technologies, and cannot stop the advantage hackers have.

The #1 mitigation strategy to PREVENT malware at your endpoints is a technology built on application whitelisting, like White Cloud Security.

Cybersecurity experts know, and agree, for maximum endpoint protection you must have a true application control product, application whitelsting. Stop listening so ‘sales spin’, confirm for yourself: Seven Steps to Effectively Defend ICS.

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