Jim McLendon now COO of White Cloud Security!

Jim McLendon

Jim McLendon
COO of White Cloud Security, Inc.



Austin, Texas – December 1, 2016

White Cloud Security is pleased to announce the promotion of Jim McLendon to the role of

Chief Operating Officer for White Cloud Security, Inc.

Jim McLendon, USAF Colonel (Retired), retired from a distinguished

career in physical, operational and cyber security that spanned 43 years

of leadership and accomplishments in both the military and corporate

world. In the USAF, Col. McLendon was the senior officer and

Commander of what is now known as NSA Texas. This was a diverse and

geographically distributed collection of organizations comprising more

than 2,100 highly technical IT and cybersecurity personnel charged with

the responsibility of protecting USAF networks. Following his military

service, Jim was hired by AXENT Technologies as VP of Operations where

he was responsible for the company’s computer security consulting

practices throughout North America. When Symantec acquired AXENT,

Jim became the VP of Managed Security Services and two years later was

promoted to VP of Global Business Development at Symantec.

At White Cloud Security, Jim initially served as the company’s Chief Business Development Officer.

His experience as Symantec’s VP of Global Business Development led to important reseller

engagements that resulted in the signing of resellers for White Cloud Security at home and abroad.

“Jim has proven experience managing large groups of IT and cybersecurity personnel in both the USAF

and in leading cybersecurity firms. He was a valuable addition to our executive team and this is the

next logical step for using his talents to turn White Cloud Security into a world class global leader of

cybersecurity solutions“, said Ziggy Shanklin, CEO and Founder of White Cloud Security, Inc.

About White Cloud Security, Inc.

White Cloud Security’s TRUST LOCKDOWN implements the number one type of breach prevention

solution recommended by US-CERT, Australia, Canada, AIG, SANS, ISA, and NACD. White Cloud

Security’s technology introduces a novel approach to cybersecurity called “Trusted Apps,” offering a

simple, quick, and efficient means of trusting apps you want to run while denying execution of apps

and scripts you do not want or intend to run. The White Cloud Security solution blocks ALL executable

and scripted malware, effectively inoculates users against Ransomware/Cryptolocker attacks, and

represents a paradigm-shifting departure from antivirus blacklisting and whitelisting.

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