DDoS Attacks – Making Sense Of It

Cybersecurity has certainly had an interesting few days with the massive DDoS attacks across the USA. The cause, the method, and the massive reach of this DDoS attack truly underscores another dimension of the importance of cybersecurity: making sure your network is not participating in an attack like this.

Breaking down the DDoS attack to just the baics, it appears this attack was kicked off as a protest (See WikiLeaks asks supporters to stop massive DDoS attack snarling major website) There was a threat to isolate Julian Assange online by the government. Supporters of Assange then triggered this massive DDoS attack.

The Mirai botnet is currently said to be linked to this attack. (See Mirai Botnet Linked to Massive DDoS Attacks on Dyn DNS) The significance is this botnet is that its capable of operating from IoT devices, which is something everyone has feared for a long time, but has not been that prominent in the news until this DDoS attack.

So how do you stop this type of attack? It is not hack on the target, just a ping to the target. So you have to stop the individual botnets. It that possible? YES! With real application control from White Cloud Security, you can stop botnets like this from being launched from your computers and servers, even if it’s a brand new version never seen before!. And you can stop it from reaching your I0T devices if the hackers are using your computers to get there. Don’t let your computers unwillingly participate in a massive DDoS attack. Contact us to learn how.

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