Malware Prevention vs Antivirus

Understanding malware prevention, what you have and what is available to protect your computer network and data is essential. Otherwise you will be spending a lot of money on antivirus products that don’t do what you expected. Could also very likely spend a lot more money recovering from a breach (i.e. fines, lost time, lost data, lost customer confidence, and maybe even loss of the business entirely).

So what do you need to know?
Prevention products stop malware.
Detection & Remediation products shut down malware in progress, after the point of breach.

Which would you rather have?  Prevention obviously! However, many products claim they are prevention, but are in fact detection & remediation.

Cybersecurity experts have already confirmed and validated the best technology strategy for stopping malware. Now, with Trust Lockdown from White Cloud Security that technology is here. It is the #1 mitigation strategy to stop malware!  The proof is in decades of experience and is best summarized by the ICS-CERT document Seven Strategies to Defend ICS.  Trust Lockdown from White Cloud Security is better because it costs less than traditional application whitelisting. It is faster and easier to implement, you don’t need special training or engineering teams to use it, and includes the top recommendations by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) to validate the applications you want to run.

Malware Prevention-Antivirus - Seven Strategies to defend ICS

The cybersecurity industry has decades of experience telling us what works and what doesn’t work in stopping malware.  The headlines today are virtually the same as the early 2000’s.  Hackers are able to exploit the limits of popularly used technologies.  Today, antivirus solutions require hundreds, possibly thousands of people in a combined network, and are still losing the battle.

It is never going to be enough to stop known malware.  Stopping unknown malware is the real job.  That is the part of the iceberg under water!  You can try to guess at it, based on known behavior or guessing vectors and targets. As time goes on, that task will keep growing and growing faster than anyone can create a defense.  So hackers will always have the upper hand.

We know what works for maximum prevention of malware at the endpoint: Focus on what you want to run, which is a much smaller task.  Now you can have that protection at a cost lower than most antivirus products. Allow only your trusted applications to run, and stop everything else. So when you are reviewing your total defense strategy for a new or existing network, make sure you include the best possible prevention as your core strategy, and build around that.

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