Cyber Security – Information Security

Protect ourselves with cyber security is fundamental. In our organization, personal life, as well as in our schools.

“Cyber security practitioners, perform job functions related to protecting and defending information systems. This is done by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.”

CyberSec First Responders Certification

Benjamin Franklin; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Closing the gap between needed cyber protection and actual cyber protection. How do we close the gap? Here is the problem:

  • Technology/Malware – The tool of the hacker is changing and improving exponentially.
  • Cyber Protection Culture/People/Organizations – Evolve and adapt to change much slower in comparison.

Another way to illustrate this gap, and its rate of change is by looking at the various malware reports.

Most all credible reports state there are 400,000 new malware/malware variants created each DAY.

And yet, it takes approximately 40+ days to create a defense against a newly identified malware.

The end result is a widening gap, no matter how you play with the numbers.  The solution?  DRASTIC CHANGE, ACTION NOW.  Adopt the new technology that provides PREVENTION before you get hacked.  Use Trust Lockdown.

Our school districts interested in building and supporting their new, or established, Cyber Security programs, have voiced the need for Cyber Security Expertise in the classroom.

The issue is this: If Cyber Security is the HOT MARKET right now, who is going to take the pay cut to take a teaching position, particularly at the High School and Junior High level? (Yes, Junior High level for Cyber Security)

The solution to this issue is very simple!  Pluralsight, is a company that provides a forum to connect industry experts with those that want to learn. They have a program already setup to supplement education, including Curriculum Integration. So we have students and teachers voicing a need. A forum to connect with industry experts. Now we just need the experts to step up and offer some time to teach.

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